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Detox Charcoal Facial & Body Wash

Detox Charcoal Facial & Body Wash

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Detox Charcoal Facial & Body Wash is designed to detox and nourish the skin.

Facial & Body wash bars are a ph balanced bar of soaps. They are a great solution for those with sensitive skin since they are made with natural mild cleansing agents , skin nourishing oils, herbal and protein extracts.

They work just like a bar of soap. You can rub them on a luffa, washcloth or just using your hands to lather up and enjoy a wonderful shower experience that will leave your skin nice and soft.

Key ingredients:

Activated charcoal may help remove impurities and dirt from the skin, improving its texture and appearance.

Plum oil is a hydrator and anti-inflammatory it brightens and plumps skin, protects against radical damage and oxidative stress

Apple seed oil imparts elasticity and softness to the skin. Since apple seed oil helps in collagen production and activation, it makes the skin look youthful and firm. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and creases in the skin that are common signs of aging

Scent : Egyptian Amber 

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