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Spring picnic wood soap box

Spring picnic wood soap box

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Spring picnic wood soap box A beautiful wood box with 3 full size bars wrapped in a pink Handmade Fringe Chiffon Silk Ribbon. Garden party This soap is made with wonderful blueberries and strawberry extracts to hydrate and plump the skin. Colored with French green clay and spirulina and loaded with dried grounded herbs such as lavender calendula and more, Scented with Garden Party fragrance oil - a mix of grapefruit, melon, cyclamen, jasmine, heliotrope, and raspberry. Notes of cherry blossom, musk, and white amber. Lemonade stand This soap is made with white & yellow clays and a touch of poppyseeds for exfoliating. It is scented with Lemonade stand fragrance oil which This has notes of lemon, peach, bergamot, melon, vanilla and sugared ice It's a fresh and fun scent. May Day This soap is made with white and pink clays and a touch of madder root to deepen the pink. It is scented with May Day fragrance oil which has notes of spring air, lavender, lemon, mint and pineapple blossom.


Care instrucsions

Your soap will last longer if you keep it dry between uses. Please make sure to use a soap dish that will help keeping your soap away from direct water.

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