About Us


Hello and welcome to Shira.Body. I’m Shira, the founder of Shira.body.

I am a mother of 3 sweet boys, and i have a full time job as a Software Engineer, so between my 3 boys, husband and work I am using every single free moment to enjoy my love for making handmade soaps and hair care products.

I discovered the art of handmade soap back in Jan 2018 when I had the flu, and was looking for some DIY projects to keep my mind busy.

I found some lotion bar recipes and ordered supplies to make them as soon as I got better, and I fell in love with the process of creating something new from scratch that can be used by myself and my family members. From there the way to soapmaking was very quick, and then came the shampoo and conditioner bars as well, which are a hit in my household, family and friends.

I formulate my own recipes, each one crafted with the health of your body in mind, and lots of love and care for the environment.

My products are all 100% handmade, using high quality ingredients only.

The soaps are made in a cold process method, which requires 4-6 weeks cure time to make sure all the water has dissolved, leaving us with a beautiful hard bar of soap, perfect and gentle for the skin.

All products are made by me, in my little workshop in Plano, Texas and they all have a piece of my heart. So every time you purchase one of my products, you get a little piece of my heart as well.

I hope you will enjoy my creations.

From my hands and heart - to yours...